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Our Services

We know your caravan and motorhome is very important to you and we aim to offer the best services and high quality products during our work. If you can't see a service you require, please feel free to call us on 01482 000000. We are very happy to help

Caravan Servicing

We offer single and twin axel caravan servicing. Which includes; damp testing, electrical testing, gas service and external checks

Additional Leisure Battery Installations

If you are looking to have more power for your caravan or motorhome. We offer additional leisure battery wiring and installation services.

Motorhome Servicing

Our motorhome servicing includes; a habitation check, damp testing, external checks and safety appliance checks

Caravan Alarm Installation

We offer alarm installation using the Sargent Electrical caravan alarms. These can be wired up to existing tracker systems in the van.

Sargent Electrical Repairs

We work with Sargent Electrical direct to provide rapid repairs for power supply units, control panels and alarms.

Tow Bar Installation

We are able to install tow bars and harnesses for caravans and motorhome.

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